“Having had the opportunity to collaborate with Chuck Hilton we are always impressed with the elegance of his work, the attention to detail in the design, and the efficiency of the way projects are managed in his office. Chuck has a great ability to collaborate with other design professionals, both inside and outside.”

— Edmund Hollander of Hollander Design Landscape Architects

“I have worked with Chuck Hilton for over twenty years, and I have the utmost respect for him both professionally and personally. We have each evolved from the "newby" Greenwich Architect and General Contractor to the prestigious firms that we both are today, based on unwavering attention to Clients and their goals, and delivering their projects with the highest level of enduring quality. Charles Hilton Architects is at the very top of my list of Architects that I choose to work with, for new homes and significant renovations to special properties. Chuck has assembled a fabulous Team, capable of designing and executing projects with unparalleled attention to details and quality. Their plans and construction documents are superbly presented, which is vital to me as a General Contractor. I have always had a wonderful working relationship with his Team, in a field where this is not always the case. We both put aside any thoughts of who brings the most value to the Project, and instead focus on working together as a larger Team, on behalf of the Client and the Project. The results speak for themselves, on every project.”

— Allen Reyen of Reyen Inc.

“We have worked with Chuck for many years to implement custom engineered home automation solutions for clients. In each project, a clear direction is set for aesthetics, client usage and desired feel for the space. CHA has experienced people that focus on what clients hope to achieve and help us understand what we need to do as a vendor to provide that solution. I highly recommend them to all our clients, they do a great job.”

— Adam Schechter, Precision Audio Visual

“As an engineer and co-owner of Encon Heating & Air Conditioning, I have had the extreme pleasure of working in collaboration with Charles Hilton Architects on dozens of projects. Very few architectural firms are willing to focus on planning out the details of HVAC (and other) systems before construction begins. Too often we see homes with beautiful finishes, but the mechanical components look like they were added as an afterthought. Chuck Hilton takes a proactive approach to determine the specific needs of each homeowner early in the design process. He collaborates with experts in each trade and insists that every aspect of a home is carefully planned out and coordinated. Chuck serves as an advocate for the clients watching out for their best interest every step of the way. Making this effort has proven to provide an incredible end product for the homeowners. I highly recommend Chuck and his team for anyone looking for a high-quality home that not only looks great, but performs great as well.”

— Bill Valus - Owner - Encon Heating and Air Conditioning

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. Hilton and his staff on some of their many fine projects over the past 16 years consulting on Marvin windows and doors. The level of detail in their drawings and the time taken to properly articulate those details is what makes the difference in the finished product. I am always proud to have the products I represent associated with the work of an architectural firm of this caliber.”

— David LoCascio - Marvin Windows

“Over a period of more than four years, we (R. G. Hull & Associates Inc.) had the pleasure of working alongside Mr. Charles Hilton and his exceedingly qualified team at Charles Hilton Architects, on the Greenwich, CT., "911 Memorial Project". As the manufacturer and supplier of the custom architectural glass for this project, it was clearly evident, that this project not only required the diligence and professionalism of a firm such as, Charles Hilton Architects, it also required a firm with patience, caring and compassionate hearts in dealing with the sensitive nature of this project. CHA was the most appropriate and well chosen firm for such a project! ”

— Richard G. Hull, R.G. Hull & Associates, Inc.

“We had the pleasure of working with Chuck Hilton and his talented team on a large project in Greenwich. The details were reminiscent of drawings from a bygone era. I was particularly impressed with the way each of the elements blended together to create a seamless project. We would recommend this architectural firm to any homeowner that is looking for top shelf designs!”

— James Eaton - Owner - Little Harbor Window Company

“Charles Hilton Architects has an outstanding reputation for creating new houses and transforming existing ones into breathtaking works of art. The designers at the firm have wonderful instincts for creating timeless but modernized homes that meet the individual needs of each property and owner. They are a firm of expert Architects in every way – great classicist with impeccable training and experience. There is no scope of work too big – no detail too small - everything from this architecture office is thoughtfully done.”

— Janice Parker, Janice Parker Landscape Architects

“The words I want to use to describe Chuck's talents will sound contrived, but all is true. He is incredibly talented and well versed in the classical language. His work is pristine and the attention to detail is impeccable. Chuck works very hard, and always oversees his designs to completion. Timeless with so much character, Chuck understands his clients and listens to their needs. As we enter into a more modern era, he maintains his use of the classical language creating timeless designs while integrating a more modern style into the interior architecture seamlessly. I admire him, and his work. Chuck has certainly added to the landscape of Fairfield and Westchester counties in a very positive way. ”

— Sarah Blank, Owner, Sarah Blank Design Studio

“I have had the pleasure of working with Charles Hilton Architects for over 20 years on a number of extensive design projects in the area. As an interior designer specializing in kitchen and bath design, I have worked with many architects and Charles and his design team are very talented and effective collaborators with the interior designers they work with. They have always delivered the highest quality of service and creativity. Without hesitation, I would recommend Charles Hilton Architects to anyone considering a renovation or building a new home.”

— Karen Berkemeyer from Karen Berkemeyer Home

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Chuck Hilton Architects on the September 11th Memorial/Greenwich Project. Chuck took the time to truly understand the purpose of this memorial and seamlessly translated that concept into a stunning and "monumental" design. His vision has garnered overwhelming support from loved ones and nearly 1,000 people have donated to our project in order to bring his vision to life. Chuck and his team are talented, organized, focused, and committed. It has been a true pleasure to work with them and we could not be happier to have him on this project.”

— Meggy Hearn, Greenwich Community Project Fund Committee Member

“I’ve had the greatest pleasure of working with Chuck and his team of exceptional Architects and Designers on a number of unique projects over the years. The level of detail and commitment to every project is just remarkable. CHA perfectly captures and demonstrates the quintessential elements of fine architecture along New England’s coastal areas.”

— Alan O'Dwyer, Builder

“We hired Charles Hilton Architects to re-model our 1960's Dutch colonial home in Greenwich, CT. Not only were Chuck and his team incredibly professional, detail-oriented and kind, but their designs went beyond our greatest expectations. Chuck and his team listened to what we wanted and needed from our home and were able to seamlessly combine our more modern aesthetic with the beautiful traditional details that Chuck is known for. Our main priority with the renovation was to create a master suite, and Chuck designed a luxurious and sophisticated master bath and closet that not only made practical sense but simply take the house to another level. Chuck brings an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience to every project which is reflected in his detailed designs, service and thoughtful advice. It is a pleasure to see his designs come to life and we could not be happier with how they have turned out in our beautifully renovated home!”

— Monica and Michael Tai – Client

“Charles Hilton and his team are superlative in every respect. They are a talented group of architects, with great attention to detail, highly professional and superbly organized. Led by Charles, their constant care for pleasing and doing the right thing for clients is always a priority. It is our honor and pleasure to work with them. We have recently worked with them on a project in Greenwich for a very discerning client. Charles and his team were always responsive and communicated accurately and promptly to questions and concerns. An amazingly beautiful project, well designed and adeptly executed.”

— Magd Riad, Marmi Natural Stone

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Charles Hilton on numerous projects over the past 18 years. Throughout that time, the Firm's dedication to their Clients’ needs has been exceptional. Charles and his entire team are extremely dedicated and talented, and it shows in their beautiful designs as well as in the documents and plans they provide to me from which to build. Equally important is that they are excellent collaborators; highly available and open to design and construction input. Projects move along at an appropriate pace to ensure the utmost quality in the final product. I look forward to working together again soon.”

— Robert J. Levine of Home Construction

“I have worked with many other designers during my long career as an architect and have yet to come across any other firm leader who is fully involved with every aspect of the design process for every project. Always engaged with virtually every detail of all projects, he is bright, thoughtful, and extremely hard working. He is always striving for perfection and is a great collaborator with excellent listening skills.”

— Michael Raso, Divisionone Architects

“I have known Chuck and his team for numerous years. They are dedicated, knowledgeable and detailed oriented. They listen to each client's visions and weave those visions together with the architectural design harmoniously. They are a pleasure to work and come highly recommended in Fairfield County and beyond.”

— Vicki Linnartz, Victoria Linnartz Designs, LLC

“Our group has worked with Charles Hilton and his team of talented architects for over 5 years on the design, location and construction of a September 11th Memorial located in Greenwich. We hired Charles based on his unique vision for the Memorial and the care in his approach for the project. Charles Hilton and Nick Rotondi have been incredible to work with, generous with their time, visionary in their design and have been at every meeting from conceptual, to town approval, to construction meetings. They have held our hands throughout the process and have led us to an incredibly successful outcome. It’s hard to please one client, but when your client consists of a board of 9 people, and 32 families tied to a tragic event, the job is nearly impossible. Charles Hilton Architects has pulled off the impossible as its not overwhelming, its unanimous that they have designed and helped us to build a special place for reflection, for education and for remembrance. I know I speak for the entire group and effort behind the Sept 11th Memorial, when I say we are all forever grateful and indebted to Charles Hilton Architects for their incredible work on our behalf. We could not have done it without them.”

— James Ritman, Co-President of the Greenwich Community Project Fund

“We worked with Chuck and his team for our complete home renovation including all new bathrooms, kitchen, and adding a third floor with additional bedroom and bathroom. It took some architectural and design genius to make all of our visions become a reality in our c1900 home. The end result exceeded all of our expectations and we couldn't have been more satisfied working with professionals like Chuck and David. We couldn't give a higher recommendation.”

— Sam Sullivan - Client

“Chuck did renovations on our home in Connecticut as well as at a family summer retreat in Maine. On both projects Chuck’s calm, thoughtful approach made the experience a pleasure. The design creativity both enhanced the living space but remained within the character of the original structures. We could not be more pleased with the final outcome and working with Chuck throughout.”

— Rick Hutchinson - Client

“As a millwork contractor working in Fairfield County for almost 30 years, we always look forward to working on a Hilton job. From our point of view we want to work with an Architect that thinks things through and does what an Architect needs to do. Not just create a beautiful design, but also detailing the things you don't see. The jobs also need to go smoothly and efficiently. Chuck Hilton and his staff excel at this. His jobs are thought through, all details worked out, helping all the different trades to work together for a top quality end result.”

— Doug Crane, Crane Woodworking

“We have worked with Charles Hilton for numerous years and we find his jobs to be run smoothly and professionally. We are always impressed with the final results as his designs are intricate yet classic. His team keeps all the subcontractors informed and makes them feel like we are all part of one team with the client’s best interest in mind. We feel honored to have the opportunity to work with Charles Hilton Architects.”

— Barry Reiner - InnerSpace Electronics

“It seems as if the Architectural Industry has come to the point of supplying only enough information to get a permit. The contractor is then on his own to solve the problems and the coordination of the trades on site. It was very refreshing, and a pleasure to work with Chuck Hilton’s team. They took the time and effort to draw the details and confirm how each trade interfaced, solving the problems of coordination, and controlling the finishes and therefore the final outcome of the project. This kind of service and expertise is rare in the market today, and an absolute joy to be involved in and with.”

— Richard Spann, President of R.J. Spann

“As a general contractor I have worked on a number of Hilton Architects projects and enjoyed his collaborative approach to the construction process. I would highly recommend this architect to any homeowner looking for a unique custom home or remodel. His fresh, innovative and detailed designs create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy and live in.”

— Tom Quinn, Quinn Contracting

“I have been a Greenwich realtor for thirty years and think very highly of Chuck Hilton and his firm. As such, I have recommended him to many clients of mine. Chuck and his design team are extremely talented, detail-oriented, good listeners and most importantly, they produce top notch results. Personally and professionally, Chuck is a pleasure to work with. - Bill Andruss, Sotheby's International Realty.”

— Bill Andruss, Sotheby’s International Realty

“As an Architectural Lighting Designer for nearly 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many world known architects and Chuck's (Charles Hilton's) name should be included in that list. His work is elegant and refined. Even the most challenging restraints result in beautifully proportioned and workable designs. His steadfast drive for excellence and realizing his client's dreams is accomplished through highly detailed construction documents (every room elevated and every detail described) and attention to detail. But Chuck can also think fast, resolving design problems with a quick pencil sketch in the filed or at the conference table. He is an excellent leader and has a seemingly endless knowledge of all things architectural. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Chuck on so many beautiful projects and I feel that working with him has made me a better designer.”

— Gary Novasel of Patdo Light Studio

“As a hardware supplier, Canaan has worked with Charles Hilton and his team for 20 years. In that time we have observed that Charles is very in tune with his clients needs and open to discussions and ideas from other professionals in the industry. The homes and commercial projects are of the highest quality and award winning! ”

— Tavo Reynoso, Canaan Distributors

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chuck Hilton and his team on a variety of projects; from a high-end home, to an accessory building, to an institutional project. Although the design aesthetic of each of their projects varies greatly, everyone at Charles Hilton Architects is instilled with the same common thread – a dedication to the success of their projects and an unwavering commitment to creativity and quality. CHA engages in a rigorous design process, which includes a thorough analysis of design options, a culture of collaboration with consultants and vendors to explore the best possible solutions, and a tremendous attention to detail to ensure all the trades are working in unison towards the same high goals. The result is stunning architecture at the best value for their clients!”

— Harry Raymond, Managing Director – Building Architect Division Southend Reclaimed

“We hired Charles Hilton Architects to design our home in Greenwich in 2013 and we cannot recommend them highly enough. We chose to work with Chuck because we love how his Georgian homes have a unique, signature style that is still in keeping with classical architecture. At our initial meeting, we told Chuck we were hoping to build a cheerful family home in a traditional, American Georgian style. Chuck listened to all of our priorities, and the home he designed for us is exactly what we had envisioned – symmetrical and beautifully proportioned on the exterior, with a slightly more modern, open feel on the interior.

Chuck brought a calm, professional demeanor and an incredible depth of knowledge to every meeting. His hands on approach helped to smoothly steer the course of the project from the beginning. Chuck was always able answer our questions on a wide range of topics – from architectural history to the latest green technologies such as LED lighting and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Chuck has assembled a talented team of architects with a diverse array of design specialties. Daniel Pardy’s interior details provide both aesthetic interest and a sense of balance inside our home. Throughout the project Nick Rotondi frequently dropped off samples of materials, carefully checked to make sure the production of the house met the specifications outlined in the shop drawings, and was available seven days a week to answer questions. The attention and time that Chuck and his colleagues gave us helped us to forge a personal relationship that made the process of designing our home both collaborative and enjoyable. There was no request they could not accommodate, and a number of times, they came back to us with a proposal that was superior to our request. From the start to the end of our project we benefited from the personalized and professional approach at Charles Hilton Architects. 

We recently moved into our beautiful new home and it is perfect for our family. The plans Charles Hilton Architects designed for us led to the creation of a serene and comfortable home. We are so grateful for the level of thought and care they put into our project, and we hope to enjoy our home for many, many years to come!”

— Michael Galatioto - Client

“The Greenwich Rotary Club turned to our former president and architect Chuck Hilton to produce a design for the "Greenwich Rotary Centennial Pavilion." The result was a beautiful new 1,000 sq. ft. pavilion anchored on a scenic bluff overlooking Long Island Sound. The pavilion has been well received by the town officials, the Dept. of Parks and Recreation staff, and park attendees, alike. Thanks to Chuck and his dedicated team for their leadership and time, the beautifully designed structure continues to be enjoyed by Greenwich residents.”

— Sally Parris, Former President of the Greenwich Rotary Club

“Over the years, the Greenwich Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving local history, has benefited from successful collaborations with Chuck Hilton, Principal, and his excellent design team at Charles Hilton Architects. A civic-minded firm, its architects have generously shared their knowledge and expertise to foster local education and historic preservation initiatives. Recently, these initiatives have included lectures at the Greenwich Historical Society on the history of architecture. And, to celebrate the Town’s 375th anniversary last year, the firm designed and implemented for the Greenwich Preservation Network of the Greenwich Historical Society the first of what will become a series of eleven local Historic District signs to be mounted throughout the Town. These unique signs, which are beautiful, practical, and informative, include a map, an app, and a brief history of the area’s historical importance for use by both pedestrians and motorists. In each instance, Charles Hilton Architects provided exemplary personal service.”

— Davidde Strackbein, Chair, Board of Trustees, Greenwich Historical Society

“As proud and fortunate owners of a vintage western Maine lake cottage with stunning mountain views, my wife and I came to realize our place needed to be expanded for a growing family. We wanted more space yet something that would be in keeping with the original house. We engaged Chuck Hilton for the task. Familiar with his work in Greenwich, we felt he could apply the same skill, imagination and practical tasteful design he had shown before. Though modest in comparison to his other work Chuck eagerly took on this project as an opportunity to use his considerable knowledge of waterfront design. What resulted was a handsome hexagonal wing placed on an angle that adjoined the house to creatively enhance lake and mountain views. It honored the look of the older structure while giving the appearance that both had always been there. We have received many complements. That Chuck and his team were able to accomplish this long distance also should be noted. We would never hesitate to use Charles Hilton Architects again.”

— Ford Hutchinson - Client

“We engaged Charles Hilton in 2006 for a complete interior renovation of our backcountry home in Greenwich CT. Hilton brought an unusual sensitivity to our home’s classic Neo-Georgian design as well as to 21st century functionalism. He created warmth, comfort and enhanced homeowner value by finding the overlap between good design and practical construction. He orchestrated the project team, which included the original 1989 builder for our home, new subcontractors, and his newly introduced interior decorator, by being meticulously detailed in reviewing all work, by challenging the quality of finished work, and in taking a hands-on approach to the selection of materials (including the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as well as stone for the bathrooms and kitchen), the built-in carpentry (including detailed ceiling moldings), as well as selection of the final color palate for each room. We were so impressed with Hilton’s detailed work, quality design, and high standards that our family invited him to design and supervise the renovation of our son’s and daughter-in-law’s newly acquired Greenwich home in 2014/2015. Although that project was modest compared to the large estates that are now associated with the Charles Hilton Architects brand, Hilton always found the time to oversee the renovation design, to find new on-site solutions to the quirks of older homes, to arrange and participate in visits to vendors, and to challenge the quality of completed work and our contractors’ requisitions, even on weekends. This month, we are asking Charles Hilton Architects to lead the renovation of our New York City condominium. We expect, once again, that Hilton will bring classic design to, and hands-on-involvement in, the project and be our advocates from start to finish with the selected contractors and interior designers.”

— Jack Tai – Client

“Having known Chuck Hilton personally for years and familiar with the quality of his work, we are thrilled to be using him for our home renovation. Chuck is very easy to communicate with and has wonderful ideas. The process to date has been easy: well organized, high taste levels and a superb level of customer service. From our initial conversations, to finalizing the drawings to choosing a contractor, Chuck and his team have exceeded our expectations. Whether it's the weekly meetings that include the contractor or happily accepting changes to the plans, Chuck and his team keep the entire process moving along well. It is rare to have a home renovation be so enjoyable. Chuck is available 24/7 for questions and each step of the way has been well thought out and perfectly executed. Clearly, we would highly suggest Chuck Hilton to everyone we know.”

— Scott Mitchell - Client

“I have tremendous respect for Chuck and his insightful creativity. His projects are always invigorating and fulfilling challenges. Collaborating with him over the recent years has been a pleasure not only because of his professionalism, but because his overall work ethic and creative eye are a true testament to his passion. I look forward to future projects with Charles Hilton Architects and what we can achieve.”

— Gerry Flynn, M.G. Flynn Contracting

“I have been working with Chuck and his team for the last 3 years to execute one of the most incredibly important projects for me and my family. Unfortunately, my cousin passed away on September 11th, 2001 and none of his remains were located. As a result, our family does not have a place to go and reflect which is why this Memorial meant so much to me. When Chuck came on board to design the 9/11 Memorial Greenwich, he listened carefully to the family members and really understood what each person wanted to accomplish in its entirety. Chuck worked diligently to design a Memorial that was powerful but not overbearing. Chuck was very sensitive to the family members needs on the project and executed a beautiful Memorial. The glass towers he designed are exquisite yet subtle and create a sense of peace. Chuck took the time to study and observe the surroundings at which the Memorial would be placed and incorporated those aspects into the final design so that's its design would make an impact. It is absolutely spectacular and I can't see anyone more trustworthy to execute such an incredible piece. I can't say enough about Chuck.. They truly spent countless hours with all of us to ensure our needs were met. Chuck exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with him again on another project.”

— Demi Ferraris, Co-President of the Greenwich Community Project Fund

“I had the pleasure of working with Chuck Hilton and his team on the renovation of one of our houses and on another new home we built from the ground up. From start to finish I found them imaginative, hard-working and dedicated advocates for us throughout the process. They recommended both our decorator and contractor who we loved and together with our landscape architect produced a beautiful design that flows seamlessly from inside to out. They navigated the often difficult town approval processes with skill and worked closely with us all the way through construction to ensure the important details were attended to. We love our home. Chuck and his team are the best and I would highly recommend them!!!”

— Mary Behrens - Client

“I have been building high end custom homes in Fairfield and Westchester County for 45+ years and have worked with many of the area's finest architects. While successfully completing multiple projects with Charles Hilton I have had the honor of watching him work. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt that Chuck is as detailed as they come and his drive for perfection is bar none. Chuck stands by his clients and their vision every single step of the way. The precision of a Charles Hilton project begins with thoroughly detailed plans and specifications allowing the team in the field to execute explicitly. From ornate classic to austere contemporary Chuck and his team can implement a wide range of design. One by one each structure this firm creates will remain enduring and peerless.”

— Significant Homes LLC

“I have known Chuck for several years and as a custom residential contractor with offices in Greenwich, Manhattan and Annapolis I am very familiar with his work. Two things, in particular, stand out with regard to Chuck and his firm. First, Chuck and his employees are passionate about beauty by design. Clearly they not only enjoy but will only design homes that have a crafted beauty. This is seen in the attention to scale and the depth and quality of their details. Likewise, they believe deeply in mindful substance - they clearly work very hard to produce designs that result in both generational and environmental quality. Second, Chuck and his team have the highest regard for continuous and self-improvement. The design industry is not static; materials, technologies and techniques are constantly changing and improving. While grounded in the classics, they always show a great desire to learn about, study and implement the most recent industry improvements. Perhaps more important than these things, though, is that Chuck and all his team members are friendly and easy to get along with. Clearly there is a culture of tranquil teamwork at his firm.”

— Foster Lyons, Horizon Builders NY, LLC

“In 2004 we purchased a very typical center hall colonial that needed a lot of updating. We hired Chuck Hilton to provide us with several options that would fit our budget. He brought a talented and friendly team to the table and after several revisions, we chose a plan that reflected our family perfectly. They produce beautiful and practical designs, and deliver very thorough and detailed construction drawings and specifications. They care. Eight years later and we still love coming home to our peaceful, beautiful home!”

— Maureen Abrahamson - Client

“I have had the privilege to work with Chuck Hilton and his extremely talented team of architects on multiple projects over the past five years. One of the projects has won an architectural award and Chuck took the time to travel with me to a limestone quarry in southern France and hand select the limestone with a focus on color and a variety of textures. Chuck's attention to detail is complimented by his integrity, work ethic and a total commitment to his clients, associates, and friends.”

— Bob Capoferri, President - Marble Crafters, Inc.

“Chuck and I have worked together for 25 years serving some of the most discerning clients in the world. Chuck Hilton and staff are consummate, classic architects at the forefront of design in Fairfield County and adjoining areas. There is no more thorough and accommodating company I know of and they have my highest recommendation.”

— Stephen Gamble – Owner – Historic Floors

“Our design firm, Davenport North, has worked with Chuck Hilton and Hilton Architects (formerly Hilton Vanderhorn) for over 20 years from everything from ground-up projects, to simple updates and major renovations. Chuck’s attention to detail is always impeccable. Whether designing a French Normandy-style chateau for entertaining or updating a brick Georgian for a young family, Chuck has the utmost knowledge of period architecture. Chuck’s work has won numerous awards and has been featured in the most prestigious design magazines. The client is never disappointed by Chuck’s keen aesthetic, and collaborative approach. His entire team is talented and delightful to work with. As interior designers, our partnership with Hilton Architects has always resulted in our very best work. I can’t think of a better architect or firm to recommend than Chuck Hilton and Hilton Architects. ”

— Isabelle Vanneck – Owner - Davenport North

“Chuck Hilton understands the unique history and special character of Greenwich. He has a deep knowledge of architecture and understands that the built environment is under increasing pressure from the rapid pace of development. I especially appreciate that he makes a strong civic contribution as a member of the Greenwich Historical Society's Preservation Network and as a sponsor of its Greenwich Landmarks recognition events.”

— Debra Mecky, Executive Director, Greenwich Historical Society

“We have partnered with Chuck Hilton on numerous projects over many years. We always look forward to working with Chuck and his team. They are a well organized, highly creative group of professionals who truly do go the extra mile for a client. Chuck's projects are well planned, orderly, and are always of the highest quality. Chuck's attention to detail is spectacular, making for smooth-running jobs and an impeccable end product. While he is firm on details, he is also very fair to the subs working with him. It is always a pleasure to work with Charles Hilton Architects!”

— Frank Byrne, Byrne Woodworking, Inc.

“Charles Hilton Architects bring a talented design team to the table, produce top quality construction documents, sweating the details like few other firms, are good collaborators, and are proactive advocates for their clients. Chuck is a visionary designer reflecting on traditional values and we have had the pleasure of working with him and his firm for almost 15 years on projects that push the boundaries of spectacular.”

— Gaetano Cichy - VP Artistic Doors and Windows

“As a realtor I have met many architects over the years and can honestly say Chuck Hilton is at the very top of my list. Everyone I have ever given his name to has been so happy with their experience and proud of the high level of Chuck's work. His talent is reflected in some of Bronxville's most beautiful homes. Chuck has an amazing design aesthetic, a classicist at heart, but can adapt to anything. He is attentive, creative, punctual and accessible. I simply love his work and so does everyone else, plus, he is a very nice person.”

— Rita Steinkamp, Houlihan Lawrence

“As a custom millwork company we have had the pleasure of working on multiple projects over the years for Charles Hilton Architects. Chuck and his group are responsive and decisive to insure timely completion of some very complicated millwork and their entire office is focused on creating beautiful homes making the construction process a pleasing journey. ”

— Greenfield Mill